A Minor Trade That Makes Sense: Knicks and Bucks

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Steve Novak and Marcus Camby for Drew Gooden.

From first look this trade looks bad for both franchises, but if you look under the microscope it makes sense for both New York and Milwaukee.

Drew Gooden: Once a promising prospect and 4th overall pick, Drew Gooden has become a poster boy for bad contracts for “bigs”. Standing at drew-gooden6’10” and 230 pounds, Drew has a nice jumper, is very athletic, and has the size and strength to play the Power Forward position. His career numbers are 11.8 points and 7.6 rebounds over a 10-year career. So why has he languished on NBA benches? I am not sure. He signed a nice size contract with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2010, before that he has been a journey men around the NBA. In 2010 the Bucks took a chance on Gooden giving him a lucrative deal with the annual rate of 6.8 million, which runs through the 14/15 season.

Drew On the Knicks: With New York, Drew Gooden (6.8 million) should fit in nicely as long as he holds his own defensively and brings his offensive tool bag to work with him. The Knicks are in desperate need for an offensive PF to share minutes with the often-injured Amar’e Stoudemire. With this addition, the Knicks can stretch the floor and allow Tyson to roam. In addition to playing PF, Drew could also share some time on the floor with Amar’e, allowing STAT to roam and get the Pick n Roll going, which is Amar’e Stoudemire’s bread and butter. Pairing up with STAT gives the Knicks a 3 “big man” rotation, with the occasional sprinkling of K-Mart to back them up.

This acquisition could help the Knicks with balance on the floor. I am not saying Drew Gooden is a savior, but to swap his contract with the often injured Camby and the overpaid and underachieving Steve Novak (who will be replaced with Cope anyway, hopefully) is a solid addition to this year’s squad.

On the Bucks End: Overpaying for Drew Gooden must sting. A change of scenery might jump start his career again and help Milwaukeeblack rid themselves of this bad contract, while adding a pure rotation scorer in Steve Novak (3.7 million) and a veteran center in Marcus Camby (3.3 million). I am not saying these guys are great players, but they can give Milwaukee something that Drew did not give them without adding additional salary, just swapping salary. My point is, neither team had luck with their players, now they are just swapping salaries, along with players, to see if they can get something out of them before their contracts expire in 2-3 years.

In Summary: A change of scenery for players on both teams might do them some good. The Bucks are in transition now with players and coaches. They have tremendous salary cap space and the chance to add solid players to get them back into the playoffs.

The Knicks are perhaps stuck in a 2nd round purgatory of sorts and must get more balance on the floor offensively for them to advance to the Conference Finals, or may I even say, the NBA Finals, which seems so far away at this point.

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  • BullsEyes

    You can’t be serious printing this?! Who cares about Camby or Gooden? They’re a couple of 10 min a game guys. The only time you’ll see one of these 2 in the lineup w/ the game on the line is when the starter has fouled out. Other than that you’re posting a mock trade involving two has beens from the early 2000′s.

    • Peter A

      Need role players. Knicks are capped out.

    • Chronsmokramer

      Fans like this perplex the shit out of me. Do you really not understand how important having good rotation players is?