All-Star Weekend…and the Knicks

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Knicks could have a busy Weekend

All-Star Weekend is a time for fun, but it is also a time for bragging rights. Every fan wants to see their players participate in the ceremonies. Where will the Knicks find themselves that weekend? Let’s take a look.


Rookies & Sophomores game (Friday)

Participants: 18

Knicks Candidates: Chris Copeland, Pablo Prigioni, Iman Shumperturl-1

Analysis: Shumpert’s injury will probably keep him out, and Prigioni’s age might keep him out as well. Copeland is no youngster at 28, but if Pablo gets snubbed, I expect Copeland to get in

Odds of a Knick being in the event: 60%


Shooting Stars (Saturday)

Participants: 4 teams

Knicks Candidates: New York

Analysis: You forgot about this event, didn’t you? The Knicks won it last year, and the defending champ is usually offered a spot in next year’s competition. The one twist is that one member of last year’s winning trio, Landry Fields, is no longer a Knick. Expect NY to get a shot to repeat, though.

Odds of a Knick being in the event: 85%


Skills Challenge (Saturday)

Participants: 6

Knicks Candidates: J.R. Smith, Jason Kidd

Analysis: Kidd fits the bill for this event, but he may get left out because this competition is usually biased towards younger guards. JR Smith has a flashy style of play which might help him here, but I would still consider him a long shot to make the list.

Odds of a Knick being in the event: 25%


3 Point Shootout (Saturday)Knicks

Participants: 6

Knicks Candidates: Steve Novak, Carmelo Anthony, Jason Kidd, J.R. Smith

Analysis: The Knicks have 3 of the most efficient marksmen in the league this year, and JR can catch fire as well. I would be STUNNED if Steve Novak does not make it onto the list. If he doesn’t, expect to see one of his teammates on the squad instead.

Odds of a Knick being in the event: 95%


Slam Dunk Contest (Saturday)

Participants: 4

Knicks Candidates: James White, J.R. Smith

Analysis: James White is a renowned dunker, and the only things I can think of that would keep him out are his complete lack of playing time and the small chance that he is released by the Knicks before the event. If he gets snubbed, J.R. might be able to take his place.

Odds of a Knick being in the event: 85%


All Star Game (Sunday)url

Participants: 26 (including head coaches)

Knicks Candidates: Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, J.R. Smith, Mike Woodson

Analysis: Carmelo is in. He was voted in as a starter by the fans. Tyson is almost a lock to be picked as a reserve by the coaches. J.R. Smith has a small shot at joining his teammates on Sunday, but will likely be left out. Mike Woodson, of course, will be automatically selected as the Coach of the Eastern team if NYK can catch the Heat by the end of January  (the Knicks are 1.5 games back and own the tiebreaker)

Odds of a Knick being in the event: 100%


Tommy Rothman @LetsGoMets773 – Knickswag Contributor

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