Amare Ready to Go?

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Important Practice Update


According to @Al_Iannazzone of Newsday. Amare practiced with the team today and after told reporters that he is “not yet 80%”. But hoping Jan1st is feeling good. He also added he wants to be 100% with no restrictions so not to injure himself again and “Hopefully I’ll continue to improve the next 2 days where I can feel 100% before I get back out there.”


This interview by Amare is telling to me. Of course you want a healthy Amare out there, however it doesn’t sound as if Amare is ready to play and he is obviously not ready to commit to Jan 1st.

We all want a healthy Amare on the court to help carry the load. What we don’t want is an injured Stat on the court to only have the inevitable happen, another injury.

At this point in the season and what we have seen the last 2 years. We are all not sure what will happen with Amare. Will he contribute? Are his best days behind him? Will he bring back that “IT” factor he had? Lastly, will he return to dominance and give the Knicks what they need for a deep run in the playoffs?

These are all questions that I am looking forward to being answered. I am looking forward to Mike Woodson adding Stat back to the rotation. I am particularly looking forward to the way Coach Woodson uses Stat and how he fits in with the rest of the team.


Peter A. Knickswag Chief

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