Amare Out vs Wizards

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Not the news you want to hear as a Knick fan so early in the pre-season. If this was a regular season game I believe Amare would be playing, however chemistry is important and with so many players out so early, this will be harder to build. I am only concerned if these bumps and bruises turn in to full injuries. This is why depth is a necessity in the NBA, but your starters need to play and learn each others tendencies.

Kurt Thomas will get the start in place of Stat and I expect the Knicks to go with youth in Copeland, Shurna and Sims. Even though the kids will play, the hole at the PF is still large, since Stat and Sheed are both unavailable. This is something to keep and eye on. If your PF position is made up of 38-40 year old backups, then what is the plan if some of the guys can’t play? Oh wait, it’s happening now. OK, so what’s the plan Glen? This team needs to be prepared for times like this. We learned that from last year and their depth backfired big time.

Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor

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