Knicks News: Jeremy Tyler Out 8-10 Weeks

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Knickswag Notes: 

WOW! WHAT! Does NY have the worst luck in history? I am not saying that Jeremy was the second coming of Karl Malone, but I thought he could have evolved as a player in this system. But now he will be out for 8-10 weeks? The Knicks always seem to have the injury bug, as the list grows and grows this offseason.

Let’s see how this affects another signing. NY, already looking for frontcourt help, should step up their pursuit for a PF/C to reduce the blow of this news. Not to be overly dramatic, but NY needs to stay healthy this year, and this is the 2nd player to go down in the last few months, not a good sign. Finding another “big” was in the works as it was, but now Glen Grunwald better get on that phone and get to work quickly.

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  • vern vern

    Fellow fans, we just can’t seem to get a break. The season hasn’t even started and we have 2 down.Training camp hasn’t started yet. I guess Barron will get signed now. As soon as he signs on the dotted line he’ll probably break his leg. It’s getting hard to stay optimistic.

    • flemdog

      What other choice do the Knicks have Haddadi? The Knicks do need sign Earl Baron after all he knows the system. Okay Grunwald grt this done asap!

  • Knickswag

    Earl Barron is the smart choice. CJ might be the odd man out if NY adds another big along with Earl or decide to keep Toure.