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Knicks Loss Shooting Guard for 6 Weeks

On Friday, the New York Knicks announced that newly acquired shooting guard Ronnie Brewer underwent arthroscopic left knee surgery and will be out for six weeks.  The procedure was done by Knicks orthopedic surgeon Dr. Answorth Allen.

Brewer was in high spirits though after the surgery Friday, as he was able to send out a tweet to his followers,

 “If y’all haven’t already heard I had successful meniscus surgery.  Started rehab this morning.  Minor setback for a major comeback.  I appreciate the prayers and get well soons from everyone.  Much appreciated.  Will for sure be 100 (percent) for season opener.”

The time table given by the doctors is right in line with Brewers tweet, as the Knicks start camp in 25 days and have their regular season opener in 8 weeks, meaning the 6 week timetable will give Brewer two weeks of preseason to get into shape.
The Knicks say that Brewer suffered the medial meniscus tear in the past two weeks, but cannot pinpoint a specific incident that caused the injury.  Brewer’s agent, Henry Thomas, gave some insight saying that the injury occurred from “wear and tear over time.”

Shooting guard Iman Shumpert is still recovering from his own devastating knee injury that he suffered in the first game of the playoff series against the Miami Heat this past season.  J.R. Smith could be called upon to be the starter initially at shooting guard for the Knicks, even though his skill set is better for coming off the bench.  This injury does open up minutes though, which could mean, seeing what James White can do in extended playing time; it is a good opportunity for him to show that he belongs not only in the NBA but in an NBA rotation.

Injuries were a problem for the Knicks last season and played a big part in the outcome of the year.  Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire, Jeremy Lin, Baron Davis and Jared Jeffries all missed time during the regular season with moderate to significant set backs. Davis, Shumpert, Stoudemire also missed time during the playoffs, as Lin missed the series all together.  Staying healthy will be a deciding factor to just how deep this Knicks team can go in the playoffs.

Kenneth Teape - Knickswag Contributor

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  • @realknicksfan

    Lets go James White

  • vern

    Injuries will dictate the outcome of all the teams. I think injuries decide who wins the championship.The best team in the league could become one of the worst teams in the league if the wrong person gets injured.

    • Kenneth

      I agree 100%. If Lebron James had been injured instead of Bosh or Wade in the playoffs the Heat are eliminated in the 2nd round