Can Jeremy Tyler Make an Impact Quickly?


If and when Jeremy Tyler gets signed and makes it back to the Knicks active roster, can he help?

This is the million-dollar question that has New York buzzing.Knicks

First of all the fact that the Knicks have no suitable back-up to Tyson Chandler, Amar’e and Kenyon is inexcusable in every facet of basketball. New York had 3 “bigs” in camp, one of which did a really good job in pre-season, that player was Ike Diogu. He knocked down jumpers, banged down low, and showed the Knicks that he deserved the 15th spot on the team. That spot went to Chris Smith, as nepotism was screamed from New York rooftops, mainly be my I guess.

Now it looks as if the decision to only carry one “big” will hurt the Knicks in the present as well as the future. This hurts because Jeremy Tyler, who missed a great opportunity because of an injury, would have been the player the Knicks could have used to step in and man the middle in place of Tyson. Would he be the replica of Tyson? Of course not, but he is a young, skilled big that could be a very good NBA player if things go right for him, meaning: if he stay’s healthy and get’s minutes.

The problem is that Jeremy will not return until mid to late December. While the Knicks wait for him to get healthy and rehab him down in Erie, New York must do some patch work with Cole Aldrich, Amar’e, Kenyon, and maybe another player they could pick up while waiting for Jeremy to get healthy.

This is Jeremy’s chance to make a contribution to the New York Knicks. Hopefully he can get that foot right and make it back to the team in time to show New York what he’s all about.

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  • Steven Blacker

    Last time I checked Cole Aldritch is 7’0″ so isn’t he a “big” and the
    back up center?