Carmelo Anthony for Blake Griffin…Does it Make Sense?

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Via Jared Zwerling

When All-Star Blake Griffin took the floor at the Barclays Center on Thursday night, fans who have been in awe of his thunderous, above-the-rim dunks through the years had to be thinking, “Come to New York! We need you!”

While the prospects of that happening anytime soon are remote, there is one trade—just one trade—that could be possible. But it wouldn’t involve the Nets. Make that their nemesis across the East River: the Knicks.

Why would that be the case?

Because of another star power forward: none other than Carmelo Anthony, who would be sent to the Los Angeles Clippers in that scenario.

With the Knicks stinking, a big question that’s been brought up lately is this: Would Anthony demand a trade or sign elsewhere next summer? The Knicks are 6-15 with mounting injuries (now Raymond Felton is out two to three weeks with a strained left hamstring), and Anthony knows the team has a massive salary-cap crunch until the summer of 2015, when he’ll be 31 years old.


Knickswag Notes:

This is something I was just talking about today with a buddy. Maybe Jared and I think alike or someone is tapping my mind and stealing my thoughts.

Lets get this out there: I do not want to trade Melo, but if he is going to opt out and potentially leave, as an organization the Knicks must protect knicks17s-2-webthemselves and trade Melo to get the best possible package in return. Many teams will come calling but only one has the players, the picks, and the destination that would allow all three parties involved to be happy, as well as persuade Melo to sign a max deal. That team is the Los Angeles Clippers.

In Jared’s article he says that Griffin, Dudley and Hollins could get it done, but I happen to think that the Knicks could get more out of this deal, especially if they are going to add Shumpert. I would prefer Jamal Crawford instead of Dudley, but that money match might have to be looked at again.

In any case, Melo would most likely stay in LA to play with his buddy Chris Paul, and for a great coach in Doc Rivers.

For the Knicks, adding Griffin would give them the PF they have craved for years, or would it?

I am not sold on Griffin. First of all his commercials are horrible, but besides that his game is still raw at this point in his career which concerns me. Yes, he is dunk machine and can fly above the rim at will, however his jump shot is lost and his maturity is in question. I also do not like that he does not have a killer instinct.

If I were the Knicks I would be very careful about making a deal like this. I believe there are other options out there, and if they stay patient they can explore all of these options before moving the best player since Patrick Ewing, however if Melo is gonna bounce then moving him is the way to go.

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