Celtics Get into Knicks Head as they Steal a Game at MSG

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Celtics 102 Knicks 96


Tonight the Knicks faced the dreaded Boston Celtics. The Celtics are not the same team as they once were, but as of late have been playing great basketball. The Knicks winners of 2 in a row battled the Celtics all night as the game got out of control towards the end. Melo and KG went at it as hard as I have ever seen. The Celtics took the Knicks out of their game 113144214_crop_650x440and got under their skin as they held the lead till the very end. The Celtics beat the Knicks tonight in a heartbreaking, gutsy game at the Garden. 102-96.


Things That Looked Good:

-The ball movement was better tonight in the first half, but in the 2nd half the Knicks were taken out of their game and got really sloppy with a total of 13 turnovers.

-Knicks were hot from three in the entire game shooting 14-32 in a futile effort.

-Melo struggled all night, trying to find his shot and looking for the answers. He is a franchise player that’s for sure.

-Teammates looking for Novak got him open looks and you all know what he does with open looks.

-Amare has gotten his first step back as he is getting closer to full strength.

-Knicks outrebounded the Celtics tonight 42-36, but in the end could not get the victory.

-Novak got hot scoring early in the game, but does not seem to sustain his fire. He finished with 9 pts in 16 minutes.


Things That Need to Improve:

-Melo in foul trouble early hurts the team. He plays aggressive and we all love it, but he needs to know when the ref’s are watching.

-JR smith has done a solid job running the point, but not an ideal situation. This is something that will dog them until BOSmelopierceRaymond comes back.

-Knicks got sloppy in the 3rd when the Celtics picked up the defense.

-When teams get physical, the Knicks get rattled and they unravel emotionally and mentally. They need to rise to the occasion.

-Melo is the best player on the Knicks and maybe one of the best in the NBA, but he can’t do it all himself and needs to check his emotions in mental and physical battles. He had a rough night shooting, as tonight was not his night.

-Clearly the Knicks are not as battle tested as the Celtics and it definitely showed tonight down the stretch. Calm, cool and collective is what the Knicks need to be if they want to win these types of games.

-19 assists is not what wins championships. Even though they moved the ball well early, when the game got physical the Knicks went “ISO” crazy.


Middle Ground:

-Like to see more Camby instead of 5 minutes in the 1st and 3rd quarters; combining for 10 minutes.

-Paul Pierce is a stone cold killer. He knows how to score and went on a personal scoring spree. He seems to always hit the daggers shot that sinks the Knicks. Watching Pierce celebrate at the Garden makes me sick.

-Amare helped down the stretch with some timely baskets and free throws. He finished with 13 pts on 4-6 shooting and 5-6 from the line.

-Tyson Chandler finishes with 13 pts 16 rbs in another solid game.

-JR Smith battled like usual finishing with 24 pts on 7-17 from the field. He has become the Knicks emotional leader.


Peter A – Knickswag

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