Chris Smith’s Ace in the Hole

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Chris Smith’s contract with the Knicks is not guaranteed, so if the Knicks did pick up a free agent before training camp and told Chris he would not be a part of the Knicks roster for the upcoming season, would his brother JR Smith remain focused on his role during the most important seasons in recent history.

Chris Smith will land a contract with the Knicks this season, because JR took less money to stay in New York as long as NY gave JR’s younger brother a chance to make the roster in camp. The Knicks have given Chris an opportunity to shine under the big lights in New York, but I think you can call it more of a favor for a favor.

I don’t mind this favor the more I look at it; even though I would rather have other players, this might actually mean JR is going to play team basketball.

The signing of Chris to the Knicks would mean the world to, JR who paid for Chris to attend college and they are obviously very close. They seem to do everything together if you follow them both on twitter. Having Chris, who understands JR better than anyone, might be the one person that gets the most out of JR without either of them knowing it.

Now even if Chris does get a final roster spot it doesn’t mean he will be on the bench in uniform during game days. The Knicks can only have 13 players suit up for games, so they will more than likely not use Chris unless we have a heap of injuries.

This now leaves Chris Copeland on tender hooks. The word on Broadway is that the Knicks are looking for another big guy to back up Stoudemire. If they can land a free agent big man before training camp, Copeland will be shown the door after training camp finishes, no matter how hard he trains or what promise he shows.

Copeland has some moves and could be a decent player but you need to ask yourself why he hasn’t been picked up before? I would rather have a more experienced back up for Stoudemire at PF, like KMart, Amundson, Birdman etc., so I think we can safely say it is only a matter of time before Copeland will be shown the door.

Leon Jacobsen @JacobsenLeon - Knickswag Contributor


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