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Is Field Goal Percentage a true measurement of success in the NBA and have the Knicks improved in this area on last season’s squad?

The 4 teams that made either the Eastern or Western Conference Finals were ranked in the top 5 in Field Goal Percentage come the end of the regular season. Only Denver split these 4 teams at the top of these standings.

The Field Goal Percentage for these 4 teams is as follows, and then I will give you what the Knicks finished with.

San Antonio .478 (1st)
Oklahoma City .471 (3rd)
Miami .469 (4th)
Boston .460 (5th)
New York .443 (18th)

If the Knicks’ players had hit their career Field Goal Percentages during last season, they would have averaged .452 and would have been ranked 12th in these standings. The Knicks underachieved in a lot of aspects and I think this aspect might need to improve a lot for us to be competitive going forward.

Now with the inclusions the Knicks have brought in this year, the team’s average career Field Goal Percentage has raised to .463. I can’t include Copeland, White, Prigioni and C.Smith due to them not having played an NBA game yet.

If the Knicks hit this .463 target this season and the leading teams in the league stay around those numbers that were achieved last season, the Knicks would be ranked 5th and could be really hard to handle at both ends of the floor.

Everyone has been saying that the Knicks are a better defensive team this year, but on potential of making buckets are we actually better on offense too?

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  • http://KnicksFGPercentage/Knickswag.com Teena

    There should be no reason why the Knicks couldn’t do it this year as far as making buckets. We certainly have the personnel who can shoot. Their Field Goal percentage should be much better this season for sure.

  • vern

    This upcoming season the Knicks have one enemy and that’s the injury bug! Without any major injuries I think the shooting percentage will improve and their ranking in defense.Oh, and their seeding will move up.How much I can’t say because almost all teams have at least plugged their flats.