Cole Aldrich Blowing His Chance with Knicks



Cole Aldrich, the 24 year-old 6’11″ 245 pounder, who is in his entering his 4th year in the “Association” has an opportunity that most bigs would relish. The New York Knicks are in desperate need of a legitimate back up center to spell Tyson for many different reasons. Cole has the chance to grab that last spot on the team if he can prove to the Knicks coaching staff that he can bring the intangibles that the Knicks so desperately need: toughness, intensity, grit, and nastiness.

Via Marc Berman

Woodson said before the game. “I told him [Friday] during a timeout, when you’re trying to make someone’s ballclub, bigs have to do dirty work. You have to be nasty, take hard fouls, rebound and doing all the dirty work to help you win game. I’m not seeing that a lot in him he’s got to pick it some.’’

Woodson said he let Aldrich have it during a timeout in Friday’s preseason loss in Toronto. “I want him to be a little tougher.”

Knicks burly center Cole Aldrich had a golden opportunity to make the club as a backup pivot, but coach Mike Woodson called him out Saturday night, saying he’s got to be more rugged if he’s going to stick.

I like Cole’s size and agility, but in 3 games so far he has not stood out enough in my mind. However, the Knicks do not have any other options on this team except Ike Diogu who impressed in New Hampshire last night against the Celtics in a blow out loss. I have a hard time judging players when it becomes a pick-up game atmosphere. Furthermore, Ike is undersized at 6’8″ and is not a legit center who can math up against the true bigs in this league.

It is my opinion that Cole Aldrich is still in contention to stick with NY. New York needs size on the bench, Cole is that size, but he definitely needs to pick it up. When your head coach calls you out and tells you to have a “mean streak” and get after those rebounds and do the “dirty work” then he means business. Cole is on the hot seat and needs to step it up or he will be gone. As Q-tip says ” Get it Together”.

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  • vern vern

    None of those guys impressed me enough to believe they’d make a good backup for Chandler. Aldrich has the size but he looks soft as drugstore cotton.
    I wonder what happened to Earl Barron?