Where Are You Earl Barron?

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In the Knick basketball world Earl Barron is well-known, especially to die-hard Knicks fans. Now that Tyson Chandler is out 4-6 weeks, Earl Barron might get a look by Knicks management to spell Tyson for a month or two. You think he’s interested?Earl+Barron+Atlanta+Hawks+v+New+York+Knicks+FrJGcNXtDg9l

Earl, who played well in two stints with the New York Knicks over the last few years was thought to be a no brainer for the 15th roster spot, but the Knicks brass and coaching staff tried to get younger and looked in a different direction, something I still do not understand.

Earl Barron is a 7 foot 250 pound “big” who can bang, rebound and hit a consistent jumper to keep the defense balanced. He is not a super star of any sorts, but he can be a 3rd string PF/C that could give you solid minutes if your starting player goes down with an injury, just like in the case of Tyson Chandler.

Why the Knicks did not sign Earl this summer still has got me baffled. The past is just that…the past. I am not sure why the Knicks did not sign Earl, and I am sure Earl is not sure why either, especially since he waited all summer for them to call.

However, the time is now for the Knicks to give Earl a call. Release Chris Smith, sign Earl Barron and let him play. He will deliver for the Knicks, that I almost can guarantee, which I never do.

When the time comes for Jeremy Tyler to come back from rehabbing his injury, the Knicks will have a decision to make. Either they can release Cole Aldrich or release Toure’ Murry. I am a big fan of Murry, so releasing him to me is not an option, but if Cole does not perform over the next 2-4 weeks, then the Knicks could let him go and bring in Tyler when he is ready. This allows them to keep both Barron and Murry while adding Tyler to the mix. Adding two “bigs” and keeping Murry is to the Knicks advantage.

In the end, I think most Knick fans would agree with me on this one. They need “bigs” not more guards. Toure’ is a keeper and adding Tyler and Barron will only help in the short-term as well as the long-term, this will not hurt them in the end. Bring “Earls Court” back to the Knicks.

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  • Mr. Big Ray

    I like the additions of Barzhani and MWP..I think Shump, Hardaway and JR are going to play good ball for us this year but there is a gaping hole in the defense.
    Every team is feasting on us in points in the paint and it’s quickly becoming embarrassing. Please bring in Earl Barron..and Jason Collind too!
    We gotta plug that hole in the middle.

  • vern vern

    Earl Barron in my eyes was a no brainer.If I were a betting man I would’ve lost my house when Earl Barron was passed on and Cris Smith was signed. I kept asking what happened to Barron. Seems he just vanished.