It’s Goin Down in Brooklyn…Tonight!

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Knicks @ Nets: ESPN 7pm


Knicks enter the Barclays Center for the second time this young season. The Nets got the upper hand in the last match-up with an overtime win. NY and Brooklyn battled back and forth in an evenly matched game in November, but NY ran out of gas in the extra period and the Nets went home with a hard fought win.

This time around NY is firing on all cylinders. Well, sort of, the Knicks were clumsy and out of sync for 3 quarters, but found their way in the 4th for a “Gut Check” win against Denver. In order for the Knicks to get a win in Brooklyn, they must move the ball and Melo needs to be aggressive and block out the soreness of the hand. The Knicks are 15-5 so far this season with some great wins and tough losses. The Nets were one of those tough losses, resulting in a marked date on the Knicks calendar.

The Nets are 11-8 and have lost 4 in a row. Their last game was a loss to the Bucks, who had a 30 point lead at one point in the game at the Barclays Center. The Nets eventually battle back to cut the lead to 8, but it was not enough and lost an embarrassing game in front of their home crowd. Line-up changes and injuries have been a factor as it is with every team in the NBA. Tonight is no exception. The Knicks are without Camby, Stat and Shump and the Nets are without Brook Lopez, who played a exceptional game last meeting against NY. Can the Nets correct their winning ways against the tired and beat up New York Knicks? This game is the beginning of a great rivalry that will continue next week at MSG.

Overall, the Knicks and Nets are battling for bragging rights and a fan base, but in the end, this game is one of 82. The Knicks motto is “one game at a time”. If you think this way, then the Knicks will take this game as another in the long NBA season. The Knicks have the upper hand at this moment and want to continue their season in a steadfast direction. Let’s Get It!


Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor

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