Health, Luck and Commitment


The NY Knicks will not be playing any home games this pre-season due to the transformation of the world’s most famous arena. The point of pre-season is not where you play, but to get into shape and gain chemistry against real competition. The Knicks have the chance for the first time as a team to get to know each other.

Two years ago was the signing of Amare and Raymond and then the blockbuster trade. Last year was the lockout. The work begins now and only work, will take this team where they want to go. Around the league media and columnists report about the age of NY, however, the presence of their experience is not considered. This team is deep, one of the deepest teams I have ever seen. You name a position and I can give you a backup and his back up. Most teams cannot say that. From the Point to the Center and in between, the Knicks have added smart, seasoned veterans.

Yes, age is been thrown around and I can understand this, but what happened to experience and leadership come with age? Health is always an issue with the NBA clubs and this is no different. NY has had the injury bug for years, especially last year with a few tough to swallow injuries. The question has been approached with delicate hands. Can NY stay healthy with the aged veterans? At this point, everyone feels great and is healthy. Know one knows if that will stay the norm and if they say they know, they are dead wrong. Age and depth comes hand in hand for me. If a player go’s down, then his back up comes in. If the backup goes down, his back up comes in. Of course we don’t wish injury on anyone. They are a part of the game and will happen throughout the course of the year no matter what.

In conclusion, the NY Knicks enter this year with a ton of expectations and years of experience to execute that expectation. Health, strong play and old fashioned luck are the only way to quiet the critics and give this city what it has hungered for to many years. It is definitely scary to ask for luck, to get the next level, but every little bit helps. Health, Luck and commitment are their way to a Championship.

Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor 

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