Iman Shumpert For Kenneth Faried: Would You?


This is an intriguing scenario cooked up by Frank Isola of the NY Daily News, and I like it. I have high value for Shumpert, but it seems that coach Mike Woodson and the Knicks brass could move him since they have the newly signed J.R. Smith and 1st round pick Tim Hardaway Jr. in the mix for the next 4 years.

Via Frank Isola

A more plausible scenario is moving Shumpert for Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried, especially when you factor in the health of Amar’e Stoudemire and Kenyon Martin. Plus, the Knicks believe they have insurance in the backcourt with rookie Tim Hardaway Jr.

Kenneth Faried is a ferocious energy guy that can rebound like few in the league. Despite the fact that he is a Newark, NJ guy and might love to play in is hometown area, Kenneth is a perfect fit on the Knicks roster on many levels.  Some compare him to Dennis Rodman, however I do not think he is there yet. One day he will be the league’s top rebounder, and if that can happen in a Knicks uniform than I do not see why the Knicks would not consider this scenario. Denver has embarked with a new coach in Brian Shaw, and a different defensive philosophy. Shumpert would be the prefect SG to play next to energizer bunny Ty Lawson.

As for the Knicks, we all know their front court problems. Amar’e and Kenyon are both on minute restrictions, and with no other suitable back up, adding Faried would instantly solidify the front line. Whether he starts or comes off the bench, Faried will automatically be the heart and soul of the defense for years to come. My opinion is that Kenneth Faried would be the starting PF next to Tyson and Melo at the small forward. He would do the dirty work that know one on the Knicks has done since the days of Charles Oakley.

If the Knicks have the capability to make this trade they MUST. New York is in desperate need of youth and energy on the glass, and that man is Kenneth Faried.

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  • Tony Curry

    I would trade for a point guard this is a guard league, someone like rondo, afflalo our Jennings