J.R. Smith…6th Man Award Winner Poll

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Peter A – Knickswag

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  • Peter A

    Interesting pole, not one person said No or To Close.

  • http://MozillaFoxfire Dee Hardy

    I feel J.R.Smith is deserving for 6th Man all the way!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://MozillaFoxfire Dee Hardy

    All the way!!!

  • Mike S

    In all fairness the people seeing the link to this poll are most likely all knicks fans or at least like the Knicks and or JR Smith. That being said he, without a question, deserves 6th man award, even though he’s not really a 6th man it’s just how the knicks game plan uses him and it works out well. He’s a legit starter on any team and maturing his way into becoming a superstar. Here’s hoping the Knicks sign him long term after this season!

  • G

    @Mike S in all fairness most of the great six mans Jason Terry and Jamal Crawford for example were legit starters on most teams.

    • Mike S

      @G in all fairness I said in all fairness to the fact that most if not all people voting on this poll are most definitely knicks fans, as am I. But as far as your comment, Jason Terry is a true 6th man in my opinion. Not consistent enough for a starter. And Jamal Crawford is overrated. Nonetheless my original point is that sixth men are not usually as good as JR Smith who is turning into a superstar. And I did say he deserves sixth man reward regardless so not sure what compelled you to comment on my little side comment but more power to ya =).