J.R. Smith and the Knicks Parting Ways?

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Knickswag Notes:

Is this guy kidding me? Does he have “self entitlement” issues or what? Or is he truly clueless to what is going on here?

I am stunned to hear all these reports the last few weeks, but am I surprised? Absolutely not. J.R. Smith has ben a problem for every team he has been on in the NBA. The issue I have is with the New York Knicks and their decision to outbid themselves for the services of J.R., sign his brother and allow him to do whatever he wanted in a Knick uniform. From tweets to shoelaces to suspensions, J.R. has gotten away with murder, and was never truly held accountable for it. All of a sudden the Knicks decide to end the cycle of nonsense and sit him, really?

To make things worse ,Smith has acted as if he has no idea what is happening and looks like he is shocked that the Knicks are treating him this way.

I have to believe at this point that the NY Knicks and J.R.Smith will soon be parting ways one way or another. Whether it’s by his release or a trade, I am  starting to believe that J.R. Smith is playing himself right out of a Knicks uniform and possibly the NBA.

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