Jeremy Tyler Back in NY?

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The Knicks are plotting an entrance strategy for 6-foot-10 big man Jeremy Tyler, hoping he can give them a youthful spark.

Knicks brass has seriously discussed re-signing Tyler this week to bolster their frontcourt, according to an NBA source. That would take advantage of the four-day break, after Saturday’s 115-100 loss in Toronto, by incorporating him in practice.

Tyler is playing for the Knicks’ D-League affiliate in Erie, Pa., but is an NBA free agent. The Knicks will take off Sunday and practice for three days before opening a three-game trip in San Antonio on Thursday.

“Nothing’s set in stone,’’ the NBA source said. There is a possibility of waiting until the Jan. 5 marker that allows 10-day contracts to be executed. With Tyler coming off a stress fracture in his foot, that would give the Knicks a chance to ensure he is fully healed.


Knickswag Notes:

Get it done already! With the Knicks season slowly slipping away and no draft picks to speak of, NY must get some young talent on this team for the future. Jeremy is that guy. He is not the savior and not the second coming of Karl Malone, but he is a young talented big, if given the minutes, that could be a fixture in the Knicks rotation for the next 2-3 years if signed long-term.

The only way that could happen is if the Knicks and their stubborn coach gives Tyler minutes in the rotation (10-20 minutes a game) to see what you got in the young player. How much worse can the season get? So to play Tyler could not hurt the team and it’s record any more than it already has.

With the fragile Amar’e actually having a productive season so far, adding Tyler could only help give you a 1-2 punch.

To do so the Knicks would have to release someone, most likely Chris Smith, the younger brother of J.R., but I would not be surprised if they cut Aldrich instead to keep J.R. happy. This is something I cannot understand, but this is the Knicks we are talking about isn’t it?

Other Thoughts:

Toure Murry added a different quality to last nights game in Toronto. He pushed the ball and used his court vision to set up a few alley-oops to Amar’e and Tyson. He showed off a quality shot and looked more comfortable with every minute he got. When Pablo and Ray return I would continue to play Toure instead of them. It is time for the Knicks to turn the corner on the players that got them into this deep hole. Unfortunately with Woody as the coach none of this will happen. He will live and die with players like Ray, J.R. and Amar’e.

This is why a coaching change and a look down the bench at Toure and Tyler would be the way to go for the rest of the year. The Knicks brass MUST figure out a plan how to get younger so they can get ready for the 2015 season. This should be the way to would go. Rebuild folks! This could mean many different things. This doesn’t mean trading Melo, but this could mean tinkering with the roster until they get younger, healthier and gain better chemistry with Melo to take the Knicks to the next level. It will not be easy but it is definitely possible.

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