Jeremy Tyler a Knick…Finally

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Knickswag Notes:

This move has been much-anticipated by Knicks fans. Jeremy should be a part of the Knicks future moving froward, especially after this season and beyond. However, Tyler needs to mature as a player on court. Most notably on his defense and his willingness to pass out of double teams. He sometimes plays on an island of his own, which in a team sport like basketball is a definite problem.

The Knicks have 2 players that do that already, so if Tyler can fit and let the game come to him in then I think he will do just fine. On the other hand I often wonder if Woody will play the old school teacher and scold Tyler like he does Hardaway and Shump. Time will tell, but I am glad the Knicks have finally seen the light and are willing to give Jeremy Tyler the chance to play on the world stage in a Knicks uniform.

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