Jeremy Tyler to Make the Knicks Roster?

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Via Marc Berman

“My hopes are high,’’ Tyler told The Post in his first interview of camp. “It would be great if they did. Certain circumstances, I totally understand. I’m not expecting it. I’m just here to work every day.’’

The Knicks have not told Tyler definitively if he will remain on the roster, but he said he’s gotten good vibes. On Tuesday, at a workout at Humber College, coach Mike Woodson said he is leaning toward keeping Tyler.

“I think we owe him that,” Woodson said.

Knickswag Notes: 

I think this is a no brainer in my world. Jeremy, at such a young age, could be the future at the PF position for the New York Knicks if given the chance. He has the tools offensively, and only needs a chance to show it off  in real “game time” action. It is unfortunate that he got hurt when he did, losing out on a chance to showcase his talent in training camp and pre-season, but with a partially guaranteed deal and the support from the Knicks coaches and brass, Jeremy has the chance to make a contribution to the 13/14 Knicks.

Will he get playing time? that is the million dollar question. Most examples have shown that Woody does not like to play rookies, and always wants to see player’s practice and scrimmage before seeing them in games that result in W’s and L’s.

However, Jeremy will not have the opportunity to showcase that in limited practices and scrimmages, so it will be interesting to see what Woody does with the potential of Jeremy Tyler. He sure has plenty of it to mold.

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