Josh Howard Still in the Mix



Rumors are floating around the NBA that Josh Howard could be the player that the Knicks sign with one of the last 2 veteran minimum contracts. Knicks fans will worry about another guy with potential injury problems, but a low risk move could have high reward.

Howard was quite a ball player in his prime with Dallas. He had a career high 47 points against the Jazz back in December of 2008 and here is a mix of highlights on this great night in his career.

As you can see Howard can spread the floor with his shooting and was quite a dynamic player back in his days at Dallas, something the Knicks could definitely use. A few Knicks fans have been screaming that we need another shooter – could Howard be the answer?

I personally am not questioning his ability, because I think he is loaded with talent. Howard shoots at .44% from the field and .33% from beyond the arc per 36 minutes played over his career. Production has dropped off over the past couple of years and I think it is mainly because his body has not been right.

The issue I have with this potential move is, Howard hasn’t played above 50 games since the 2008-09 season, due to these injuries, but in the same breath if he has been doing his rehab and just been unlucky with his health, this could actually be a steal for the Knicks.

If the Knicks do sign Howard to a veteran’s minimum contract, I think there is a lot to gain and not a lot to lose. If he breaks down again I think we have enough pieces in our current rotation that can make the Knicks successful in any case, but if Howard stays fit and healthy and can get back to the days he had with Dallas he could be a tremendous addition to the Knicks current roster.

Leon Jacobsen @JacobsenLeon - Knickswag Contributor


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