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Thank you Lizz Robbins for agreeing to do this interview for a Knicks site for the fans 24/7.

1) Leon: What are your thoughts of the roster this season and do you believe they improved in any way?

Lizz: Yes, I think adding a veteran and proven leader like Jason Kidd, even though he’s older is going to be very effective to the lineup, especially with him coming off the bench. I hope Amare and Carmelo truly took the time with Hakeem to heart and apply it to their game. I think this Knicks teams is still in a rebuilding mode and I know a lot fans feel they’ve been “rebuilding” since 2002, but they are, the coaching and line-up changes attest to that. We as Knicks fans need to have patience and let this team develop, if they are going to get to the next level.

2) Leon: Do you think the Knicks have any chance of beating the Heat this season?

Lizz: Sure, the Knicks can win a game against the Heat, they proved that during the playoffs last season, but can they beat the Heat in a playoff series? Not at this point.

3) Leon: What would be your favorite Knicks moment?

Lizz: I have several, but the one that stands out is definitely the famous 4 point play by Larry “LJ” Johnson. I still throw up my L now and then.

4) Leon: Who is your favorite Knicks player on this year’s roster and why?

Lizz: As of right now, it would be Raymond Felton; I like his openness about being out of shape and making the effort to improve his game. With him in a starting position, he has a great opportunity to do just that, I’m looking forward to seeing it. Glad to have him back in a Knicks uniform.

5) Leon: How many wins do you believe the Knicks will have this season?

Lizz: I think they will get between 47-50 wins with this line up (they should improve from 36 wins last years).

6) Leon: Can you give the Eastern Conference Playoff line up in order you think they will finish?

Lizz: Heat, Celtics, Pacers, Knicks, 76ers, Bulls, Hawks, Raptors

7) Leon: What numbers do you think Anthony and Stoudemire need to average this season for the Knicks to be successful?

Lizz: 20/10

8) Leon: Can you give us your thoughts on

Lizz: I think is a very informative tool for Knicks fans and even non-Knicks fans who are interested in up to date information about the Knicks. Keep up the great work!
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Lizz Robbins - @Lizzs_Lockeroom


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