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Spurs 83   Knicks 100


Knicks hosted the San Antonio Spurs tonight at MSG who were playing 4 games in 5 nights and the Knicks took full advantage of it with an impressive win.. The Knicks are now 22-10 overall with a nice bounce back win, snapping San Antonio’s 7 game winning streak 100-83.



Things They Need to Improve:

-Mental errors tonight hurt the Knicks. Bad switching led to easy baskets and fouls for San Antonio, however they overcame all that and won the game. Keep an eye on mental break downs.

-Knicks had many turnovers early in the game mostly in the 1st quarter, but figured it out the second half. Something to keep an eye on in the future.


Things That Looked Good:

-Camby is an underrated passer as he works the high post. His long arms and shot blocking ability deter offensive players in the paint and gives the Knicks an element that they have not had in weeks.

-Amare had a nice bank shot and some low post moves that were a surprise to me in 20+ minutes. Stat is definitely a talent upgrade to add to the court as he is rounding back into shape. Stat will definitely help the Knicks offensively, but can he do it on the defensive end?

-Steve Novak got hot tonight, especially in the 3rd and the 4th. It’s important for Steve to be apart of this offense. I like how he came over and filled the void when Amare pick n rolled to the basket. Steve slid over behind Amare and stood at the 3 point line behind him and stroked a couple nice three’s. This is the way to get Steve involved.

-JR had a spectacular dunk that was an ESPN highlight for sure. His jumper has been very consistent the last week and has become a go to guy.

-Ronnie Brewer has seemed to snap out of his funk and got a couple jumpers two games in a row. Everyone on this team has to contribute for the team to win.

Melo was what he always is, a beast in the paint and has mastered the mid ranger jumper. His 3 point shot is an added feature to his game the last  two years.

Pablo Prigioni really put this stamp on the game tonight. Pablo is a solid back up point guard in this league. He will help J-Kidd and the Knicks get through the absence of Raymond Felton.


Middle Ground:

-Amare still looks rusty, but will get back into it when the rust falls off. Defense is the question though. He seemed to get going later in the game.images

-Is it just me or does J-Kidd not look good as the starting point guard? Don’t get me wrong he is the smartest player I have ever seen, but the offense goes stagnant.

-Kidd got a chance to rest tonight as the Knicks blew the game open while he was catching a breather and was not needed back in the game.


Peter A – Knickswag

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