Knicks Basketball: The Reality of the Roster


From this day forward and beyond the Knicks have some major roster issues that will hold them back from competing for an NBA Championship. Here is the harsh reality of this years roster.ny_knicks_logo_by_hovito69-d5rjcp2

Carmelo Anthony: Complete stud offensively, better on the D this year. Needs to share the ball more, but CAN’T DO THIS ALONE. He is the only option offensively on this team. A Superstar.

Amar’e Stoudemire: Shell of himself unfortunately. He has 2 years 45 million left on his deal, making the Knicks unable to move him. Whatever you get from STAT is a bonus, but his contact hinders your roster. A 15-20 minute player at best the rest of his career.

Tyson Chandler: Heart of the defense, but an offensive liability. A little overrated, as he was completely dismantled in the 2nd round. This will make the Knicks brass think about moving him to another team for some much needed talent back.detail_2337_NY-Knicks-3D-Logo-Sign

Raymond Felton: Ray dominated in the Celtics series, but came up BLANK in the Indy series. He is a NY kind of player, but could not control the pace or the flow of the offense in the playoffs enough for me to believe he is the answer for the Knicks to advance and beat the top teams. I still think he was an upgrade over Jeremy Lin, but this year showed me that a “floor general” is much more than just a tough PG. The general needs to control tempo and decides where the ball goes offensively at all times.

J.R. Smith: Will he be back or will he go? Not sure, Feeling is he will be back since he had a horrible post season and might have priced him out of a big payday. However do the Knicks want him back? I would guess they do because if they lose him they cannot replace him with a player in the same price range. My guess he will be back and continue to be the same erratic J.R. Head scratching in many ways, but needs to be the 3rd or 4th option in this offense, NOT THE 2ND!

Iman Shumpert: Shump still has work to do, but has the most promise on the team. He was one of the few players to show up in the post season. He is a lock down defender and a keeper, unless he is traded in a package for CP3. Not likely though.

Kenyon Martin: K-Mart was added late in the season and had great success. Kenyon should have been here all year like I was saying since July of last year. If he will take the vets min then he should be back.hwl

Pablo Prigioni: PP was a surprise, as he surpassed J-Kidd and landed in the starting line up. He is reluctant to shoot the ball, which caused offensive issues, but I loved what he brought to the table. He is currently making a decision if he wants to stay in the NBA next year, but if he wants the vets min he should be here.

Steve Novak: After having a “break out” season a year ago the Knicks inked him to a 4 year deal worth 16 mill. Steve never got going this year. He does not move without the ball and hesitates shooting with players in his face. To his defense, Woody never got him involved in the offensive game plan the way he should have. Novak will be back unless the Knicks shop him this summer to bolster their line up.

Marcus Camby: MC came into camp out of shape and often injured all year. When he was healthy he got little minutes, but produced. Woody left him on the bench against the Pacers where he would have helped tremendously. Camby is under contract next year, so expect him back, unless he is traded.

Jason Kidd: Early in the season he was great, however his age showed. Talk of him retiring is the buzz, but not likely. He is under contract url-7next year so don’t expect his impending retirement. He is a great teacher and has tons of knowledge, but cannot perform on the court for a whole season.

Chris Copeland: Cope was a terrific find by the Knicks European scouts. He is a “Melo Lite”. He needs to get the time on the floor, probably about 20-25 minutes a game. I believe he can be the Knicks third or fourth option next year if used properly. He can drive, post up and hit the three. He showed when given the chance in the playoffs he could score. Not many Knicks showed up these playoffs, but Chris was one that did! He might get Mini Mid Taxpayer money. That could be an issue for NY since they have many holes to fill.

Earl Barron: Earl never gets the time on the court, but when he does he performs. I believe Earl should make this team as the 15th man and maybe even get a chance to crack the rotation. The Knicks are in desperate need of a big that can hit a jumper consistently. I think Earl is that player.

Q-Rich: Q was added the last week of the season. Q still has the touch and can still D-up if needed. He should be invited to camp and given a chance to make the roster, but the Knicks might wait and see who is available first.

James White: James has some skill, but never had a real chance to crack the rotation. I do not expect Flight White back.

In the end, This roster is flawed. The lack of low post presence really hurt them in the playoffs. Their opponents took away their 3-point shot and limited their pick and rolls. With this defensive strategy, the Knicks season ended. For the Knicks to progress this offseason they will have to find a a “diamond in the rough” or a bargain at the vet’s minimum. If your really look at the roster for what it is, the Knicks will most likely have 3-5 FA’s. Who they sign with their vet’s min and what they do with their taxpayer mini mid will be pivotal for next season.

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  • Blaze

    James White never got a chance to crack the rotation? Dude started in a fair amount of games and never contributed jack ish!