Knicks Fall Short 81-82


By Max Marcilla

Knicks 81 Bulls 82



All the Knick fans can hope for is that there won’t be many games like this one in the future.

A floater by Derrick Rose with just under six seconds left guided the Bulls to their first win of the season, and handed the Knicks their first loss.

The Knicks showed positive signs,and negative signs for the second straight night, as they did in game one vs. the Bucks. The first half was about as sloppy a half of basketball as you can get. Turnovers, fouls, missed shots, you name it and the first half had it (for both sides).

The Knicks were outplayed, but were fortunate to go into the second half down only five. The third quarter came and went and the Bulls lead was extended to 10, despite the first positive signs Andrea Bargnani showed us (9 points on 4/5 shooting).

The fourth quarter had fans in both cities on their feet, but the Bulls finished out on top.

Breaking Down the Last Play(s):

Derrick Rose had the biggest play of the season so far with a floater to give the Bulls the 82-81 lead that would prove to be the game-winning shot. Honestly, the Knicks couldn’t have defended it any better. 7 foot Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton were on Rose, and both jumped up with arms extended, but Rose flipped it up and it dropped in. As Carmelo Anthony described it after the game, “It was a prayer, but he made it.”

The final play was a disappointment for the Knicks. They called a timeout and had 5.7 seconds left. In my opinion, they still had time to draw up a play, but the Knicks went with an isolation play designed for Carmelo Anthony in which he dribbled for a second or two, put up a deep two, which unfortunately did not fall. It was a very predictable move by Coach Mike Woodson, as the Bulls looked ready for it.

Player of the Game:

The player of the game award will have to be split between Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony, two players whose missed shots down the stretch cost the Knicks the game. However, before the final minute, these players were dynamic. Tyson Chandler recorded 7 points, but added 19 rebounds and 4 blocks increasing his block total up to 9 in two games. Anthony lead the Knicks in scoring again, putting up 22 points on 8-24 shooting.

Next Up…

Next up for the Knicks is Sunday night at home against the Timberwolves. Luckily for the Knicks, they have two days to travel and recover from a tough back-to-back to open the season.

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