Knicks Chat: Amar’e, Ricky Davis

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Amar’e Stourdemire: According to reports from Ian Begley, Mike Woodson has told the media that Amar’e will not play Sunday night vs. the T-Wolves. No news on any injuries for Amar’e, I think they are just being cautious and have plans for him to rest as much as possible so he can usp-nba_-new-york-knicks-at-indiana-pacers_001-4_3_r536_c534be effective down the stretch and into the playoffs, remember it’s a long season.

However, I am not sure what Amar’e has left in his knees. He was a liability on the court defensively when he was healthy, and in Chicago I thought he disrupted the offense as well as the defense. This is just my opinion, but if I were the coach of this team I probably would not play Amar’e much. It is sad to say because I love him as a player, but he is not what he use to be, and now when he is in the game the ball does not move with fluidity. I watched Chicago go at him 4 straight times, converting each one of them.

Ricky Davis: Ricky Davis is a blast from the past. The fact that he is still playing basketball really dates me as a fan because I remember when he was drafted. Ricky was always known as a selfish player, and now that he is still looking to play in the NBA did the Knicks just give him a chance to land back on a NBA roster, and could it be in New York?

Via SI

Fifteen-plus years after he was a first-round NBA draft pick, Ricky Davis was selected in the sixth round of the D-League draft Friday by the Erie BayHawks, the Knicks’ affiliate. Back in September, Davis was reportedly one of 10 players invited to a Knicks minicamp.

Davis was the 93rd overall player selected in the D-League draft, which lasted eight rounds.

I think this is probably not going to happen, but as a SF and slasher to the basket, Ricky can be very effective. Do not count on it though. He would have to wow the staff down in the D-League for him to make it the Knicks.

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