Knicks Concealing Injuries?

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By Max Marcilla

With the most recent news out of “Knicks World” that a secret surgery was performed on Stroudemire’s ailing knees, that makes me wonder a bit…what else are the Knicks hiding from us?5513231554_4c8c85302c

We all know that the New York Knicks are capable of concealing news about their players, especially when it has to do with an injury. We saw it multiple times just this past season. Once was when the Knicks didn’t announce Carmelo Anthony’s “sore shoulder” was not day-to-day, but it might require surgery, due to a tear in the labrum. Making things worse, that announcement was made after the Knicks were eliminated, making us all wonder what could be next.

The media has seen another example of this more recently when out of the blue, summer league star, Jeremy Tyler had a surgery on his foot that would sideline him for 10 weeks. Did the Knicks know something?

But none of us can deny that J.R. Smith’s knee situation was the most worrisome. Right after J.R. signed his lucrative contract reports came out that Smith had knee surgery, it was reported that J.R. Smith had been dealing with this injury since LAST training camp. If the Knicks can conceal an injury for a year (especially with a guy like J.R.), then how do we know there is not something out there right now that they know and we don’t, and more importantly, being concealed as we speak.

Nearly all the Knicks on the roster have (or have had) a question mark regarding their health for either the offseason or sometime during the season. Anthony had his shoulder, Tyson Chandler had his back and neck and J.R. Smith had his knee. Let’s not forget folks, Iman Shumpert is just over a year removed from an ACL tear and surgery, would the Knicks hide his status? That is pure speculation, but is it possible?

Not all of these players are injury-prone, but some have endured serious injuries, and for all we know, one of these guys could’ve had a major setback. Would the Knicks conceal this? Once again speculation, but possible?

I hate to say it, but with the lack of trust the fan’s and media have for the Knicks brass and staff, the only way to find out who is injured and/or unavailable is to see if they run onto the court for practice or actual games.

Therefore, I don’t think we will find out details about Amar’e, and I also do not think we’ll hear about a possible return date for J.R. Smith (unless he goes on a twitter rampage). I guess we will have to wait until October 29th to see who is healthy, and who is the next “undercover” injured Knick.

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