Knicks Draft Look In: Nate Wolters

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Nate Wolters has the size to play the point at 6’4″ almost 6’5″. He has skills as we can all see, but these evaluations are very tricky this time of the year. Every team is looking for the next “insert stars name here”. This is not an easy task. When I evaluate drafts I try to look for NBA level skills, which is also incredibly difficult. Nate has had some decent competition over his college career against some top 10 teams, however scouts are questioning his ability to make lateral moves against NBA guards. This is tricky to pin point. Late in the draft teams take a shot at talent, some work out and some end up overseas or in the D-League. The Knicks cannot make any mistakes this year. With limited resources, NY must come up with a solid pick here. New York is in need of PG and PF play. These are the positions that will directly effect next years team. Adding a PG like Nate, with his size and shooting ability, could bring you a talent compared to the likes of Steve Blake or a poor man’s Steve Nash. New York is looking for some stability and scoring off the bench at the point guard position. In addition, a change of pace player would be a bonus, but this late in the draft you never know what you are gonna get.

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