Knicks Draft Look In: Shane Larkin

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Son of MLB Barry Larkin, Shane Larkin has lived in his father’s footsteps his entire life. Now Shane Larkin has the chance to carve out his own professional career in a different sport. Shane has shown everyone at the NBA Draft Combine that he is for real. Lacking in size at 5’11” Shane’s upside might be limited as a starter or a star in the league. However projections and predictions of a career is not always accurate. Most small PG’s are backups, unless you’re the exception to the rule (Isiah Thomas). Most likely Shane will be in the mold of a DJ Augustine. If the Knicks go in this direction they will be getting a possible replacement for Pablo Prigioni (if he goes back to Spain or moves to another team).

Shane has outstanding leaping abilities and can be a spark of the bench, as a change of pace PG the Knicks never had this year. Shane is a solid shooter (48% fg, 40% from 3, and above 80% ft over his college career) and can contribute to a team that lacked spark and change of pace guard play all year, making Shane Larkin a prospect to look at.

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