Knicks Draft: Winners or Losers?

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With the 24th pick the NY Knicks selected Tim Hardaway Jr. I believe Timmy is a solid pick with potential to be a nice contributor, however as the draft went on I was disappointed that the Knicks did not try to pick up another pick, especially a 2nd rounder, with players available like Isaiah Canaan, Jeff Withey and Ricardo Ledo.

Tim Hardaway breakdown via

Strengths: Scorer with good size and athleticism for the 2-guard position … Worked hard during offseason before junior year to improve upon and become a proficient 3 point shooter, knocking down 37% of his 3s on over 5 attempts per game … Plays with good energy and intensity. A self starter, not a player that needs to be pushed to get the most out of his abilities … An above average run jump athlete, excellent in transition.Finishes well on the break … Professional approach … Hard worker, competes hard … Accepts his role within a team concept and plays unselfish … Solid decision maker and passer at the 2 position, maintaining a positive a/to ratio throughout his college career … Scoring numbers did not increase substantially, but his efficiency did … Pro jumper. Shows great form on his shot. Gets a lot of lift and shoots the ball from a high release point … Stays active and moves well off the ball. Does a good job of freeing himself and shooting off of screens … Shows pick and roll ability as ball handler … Benefits from being the son of a former pro, having grown up around the game shows excellent maturity and perspective of what it takes to be a pro which should help with the transition to the next level …

Weaknesses: Doesn’t have great foot speed or a quick first step which limits his ISO and driving ability … Legitimate concerns about his ability to create his own shot … Body lacks great strength. Appears a little frail, which allows him to be knocked off balance more easily … Solid but not outstanding defender due to below average lateral speed … Ankles appear tight … There are some concerns about his legs and how they will hold up over time … Lack of foot speed allows opponents to crowd him and limits his spot up efficiency … Questions about whether he’s a stong enough athlete to eventually become an NBA starter or if his ceiling is as a rotation guy … Mid range game could use some improvement … Did not have a very good tourney performance as his shot abandoned him to some degree and he failed to have a real break out performance …

Outlook: Lacks the physical strength of Arron Afflalo but is similar in his nose for scoring and outside shooting ability as well as his projection as a bubble first rounder that could be undervalued by NBA teams due to perceived athletic shortcomings … Considered a borderline first rounder by NBA scouts …

Overall I am happy with this pick, even though I wanted Tony Snell who was picked by the Bulls a few picks earlier. Tim Hardaway Jr. can shoot that is for sure, and the Knicks will be looking for him to do so. Welcome to the team Tim.

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  • http://knickswag James

    Tim,Jr, is Smith’s replacement(if he leaves),if Cope wants to leave(goodbye,remember JLin?),sign SWilliams. He’s the same size and does the same things and is a better rebounder and defender.Bringing back Jordan was a good move,now we need a back up point and another big man(Henrey Sims and A J Price).Starting 5: Melo,SWilliams,Chandler,Felton and Shumpert. Second 5:Stat,Novack,Jordan,Pablo and Tim,Jr.

  • Dragonjaii

    Not entirely happy with the pick, wanted some size or a better shooter/consistent. Hardaway sounds like a JR smith. Wanted to get at least another player from the draft, what is our front office doing! but after viewing highlights of hardaway im sure he’ll find a good role on this team, hopefully he surprises all of us.