Can The Knicks Be an Elite Defensive Team?

1 Comments does a great job as usual and breaks down the Knicks-Nets game to give us some interesting insight into the Knicks defensive woes. Can the Knicks have a successful season with this kind of defense or will the Knicks shape up against elite teams.

Peter A. Knickswag Chief Editor

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  • Rubens

    Well, coach Nick`s first tell the Knicks to make the Nets skip pass. when the Knicks use it, he says that’s what’s killed them.

    And, really? You are going to complain about no double team to help Chandler? That’s one of the reasons you have Tyson, so you don’t need to double team centers like Lopez.

    I agree with the last play in regulation, though. No need to ISO. Get some screens and free him from D.

    If you watch this you’ll see that Woody wants to protect the paint, maske teams shoot from distance.

    Also, most of what coach Nick says is “I think”. “Melo has great numbers on post up D. But I think they will go down”.

    Well, when I asked him why were the Knicks so good on D last season and to start this season, since he believes the team sucks at D, he answer: Luck.