Knicks Embarrased by Houston at MSG

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Knicks  96  Houston 109 

The New York Knicks were out for revenge tonight against the Houston Rockets. For the second straight night the Knicks were without Carmelo Anthony and Rasheed Wallace. Jeremy Lin and James Harden felt like they had the formula to beat the Knicks. This was payback for NY, but this was not the Knicks night. They were embarrassed on their home court breaking their undefeated streak at home. images

1st Half

The 1st quarter started with NY not looking like they could keep up with the Rockets again. Their last meeting, the Knicks were run out of the arena and the same was happening again. In the 1st half the Knicks could not score, going through a major drought in the second quarter and missing free throws to add insult to injury. JR Smith was the only high light, but JR and Tyson had 3 fouls going into the half. Anytime your leading scorer and top defensive player is in foul trouble, it will be a rough night.

The Knicks went into halftime down 56-42. This was a struggle for NY in the half, as their 9-0 undefeated winning streak was in serious jeopardy. The Houston Rockets are a horrible match-up for the Knicks, because they like to constantly push the ball and James Harden is hard to stop for any team. Jeremy Lin had a great first half; he dished the ball out and drove to the basket with ease, ending the half with 16 Pts. and 4 Ast.

2nd Half

Not Much to talk about, but I will give it a try. NY came out with some focus on defense as they cut the lead to 5 points. However, as fast as it went from 14 points to 5, Houston used their namesake and NBA: Houston Rockets at Utah JazzRocketed to a 20 point lead at the 4 minute mark. Turnovers was the killer tonight for NY in the 3rd quarter. The Knicks looked flat and out of sync. They definitely missed Melo and Sheed tonight. The Knicks have solid veterans, but Camby, Stat, Sheed, Iman, and Melo need to get back into this rotation. Tough to watch the Knicks undefeated home court streak end tonight, but Houston has their number and the Knicks do not seem to match up well against them at all.


The Knicks looked lethargic and uninterested in this game after they went down by 20. Turnovers, lack of scoring and pace beat the Knicks tonight. The only positives were Chris Copeland who contributed 29 points in a losing effort and Tyson Chandler who was a monster on the boards with 18 rebounds. The Houston Rockets embarrassed them on their home court. Knicks lose to the Rockets 109-96.


Peter A. Knickswag Chief

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