Knicks Face Toronto in 2nd Pre-Season Game

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Knicks @ Toronto: 7PM MSG

Via  Ohm Youngmisuk 

As Bargnani returns to the place he called home for seven seasons when the Knicks face the Raptors, the 7-footer is more concerned with trying to develop chemistry with his new Knicks teammates, including Carmelo Anthony, than how he might be received in a preseason reunion with the team that drafted him first overall in 2006. 

“All I’ve got to say about Toronto is that it was a good seven years,” Bargnani said on Wednesday. “I was lucky to play there and that’s really it. I don’t want to really talk about fans, what happened and frustration, that’s what I have to say about Toronto.” 
Even though it is a preseason game, Bargnani certainly would like to get off to a good start against the Raptors. If that happens, that may mean he’s playing well alongside Anthony. 

Knickswag Pre-Game Notes:

Tonight in Toronto the Knicks will play their 2nd pre-season game. What I am looking for is the continued chemistry of Melo and Andrea on the offensive end as a 1-2 punch. If Andrea can stay healthy this year I believe he could be the Robin to Melo’s Batman. It sounds very cliche, but true.3406

I am also looking to see what Tim Hardaway Jr. brings tonight. He was a jump shooting machine Wednesday night and I would love to see him continue on an upward path. If he can do so then I can see Woody using him during the regular season.

Iman Shumpert definitely impressed me Wednesday night. His mid-range game, a lost art in the NBA, has made leaps and bounds. If he can continue this accuracy and intensity this year, he really could take the next step to become a star in this league. If that happens the Knicks will go farther than thy ever expected.

Cole Aldrich has taken a step closer to landing the 15th spot. I know, it was only one game, but his size and touch around the basket was surprising to me. If he can stay healthy I believe he will have the inside track on the 15th spot in front of Josh Powell, Ike Diogu and Toure Murry, who I happen to love.

If Jeremy Tyler was fit to play I would have him in here as someone to watch, however his injury sets him back. I do believe Tyler will make the team though.

These are the four players I am keeping an eye on tonight. Of course there are many other variables, like Tyson’s jumper, the team defense, and the chemistry of the 3 point guard rotation, but for now I focus on these 4 keys to building towards the regular season.

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