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The Knicks have been in search all off-season for a backup Power Forward and plenty of names have been linked to the team but, one by one, the Free Agents are signing with other teams.

Last Saturday Rasheed Wallace worked out with Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas. Apparently, Wallace is not ready for action, but the Knicks are interested. It may very well come down to whether or not he could put his 38 year old body through another full season and put the work in to get fit enough to contribute and be serviceable for NY in the 12/13 season. The Knicks and Coach Woodson know what to expect from Wallace; a ferocious player that gives everything he has and is a brilliant teammate. Yes, Wallace blows his top, but wears his heart on his sleeve and that sort of attitude could be beloved in the Big Apple.

Kenyon Martin is still a free agent and on the Knicks wish list. Kenyon has so many reasons to join the Knicks and if it was not for the lack of money the Knicks can offer, he would already be in New York. Martin – as we have mentioned so many times here on the Swag – and the Knicks are a perfect fit; the familiarity with his ex-teammates, the potential playing time etc. etc. but this cat and mouse game that Martin seems to be playing with his career at the moment might see him miss out on a contract in New York and maybe anywhere in the NBA.

Chris Andersen is a name that was linked with the Knicks, but that was a long time ago and not much has really been said since. Andersen is extremely good defensively, especially on the boards and is a tremendous shot blocker, but he has had issues off the court nearly his whole professional career and New York City might not be the place for Andersen to restart his game.

Chris Copeland has been training at the Knicks facility for a few weeks now, played on the Summer League team and from all reports he has done well, but why would the Knicks be looking at older Power Forwards if Copeland had shown the Knicks promise? Copeland has post moves and can stretch the floor with his shooting, but Chris is 28 and if he had a game that is good enough for the NBA level, he would have been playing for a team a long time ago and not entering his first year in the NBA.

These players mentioned above seem to be the front runners for the Power Forward spot. With around a week to go before camp officially opens, NY wants Kenyon Martin but this spot might be Rasheed Wallace’s if he wants it.

As for the last spot on the roster, it will come down to two of the younger prospects in either John Shurna or Mychel Thompson.

Shurna holds the single season and career scoring records at Northwestern, so he can definitely fill the basket. Shurna reminds me of a Steve Novak type, even though he wants his own identity. He has range on his shot and if you leave him open from behind the arc you will pay for it.

Thompson has already had a stint in the NBA with Cleveland in 11/12 and has had a taste of professional life, which should drive him after being waived at the end of the season. While Thompson is not as great a shooter as Shurna from beyond the arc, he still has game. Thompson has a basketball IQ and is a talented player that likes to get to the basket, which is where he does his best work.

Mychel Thompson could be a wise selection for the Knicks 15th roster spot to start the season, based on his minor experience in the NBA already.

Leon Jacobsen @JacobsenLeon - Knickswag Contributor


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  • Muhammed

    I would give Copeland a chance. He was impressive in Summer League but I also want us to get Birdman. He would fit so well here with this team and will be a huge fan favorite.