Knicks Free Agency Look In: Could the Knicks be in the Market for Greg Stiemsma?

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After being waived by the Minnesota Timberwolves in a cap related move, Greg Stiemsma, the 6’11” 259 pound center that earned his contract playing in Boston, was released today by the T-Wolves.  He is officially available, and could be a great addition to the Knicks as their primary back up center to Tyson Chandler. With the trade of Marcus Camby and no other center on the roster as of now, NY could be a destination of mutual attraction.

New York, who is in the “center” signing business, was considering adding Jerome Jordan to their summer league roster in Las Vegas.  Jerome’s addition to the roster is an audition of sorts, but if the Knicks can grab a player like Stiemsma for the vet’s minimum, he could be the back up they have been looking for. Greg averaged a pedestrian 4 pts. 3 rbs. in 16 minutes of play, but his attributes are not offense but defense and toughness.

Greg is not going to blow you away with athletic ability, however he can bring height, size and infinite toughness in the paint. In Boston he was a solid contributor to a Celtics team that was known for defense.

So far this free agency period not much has happened on the signing front, but this, as minor as it might be, could possibly salvage an already disappointing July, and start a string of signings that solidify the Knicks roster for the 13/14 season. Glen are you listening?

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  • mr x

    WE should be looking into the ron artest!!!!!!

  • Shodon

    Greg Stiemsma sounds like a perfect fit for the Knicks, we don’t need another superstar, this guy
    could be one of the missing pieces the Knick are looking for. A strong defender is what they need,
    someone that could bang around with the big boys.
    i think he would make a good addition.
    lets hope for the best.

  • Markstripes

    I think that Stiemsma could be a fit. Maybe the Knicks should also consider bringing Josh Harrelson back at the veteran’s minimum.