Knicks Free Agency Look In: Matt Barnes

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In the event that Chris Copeland walks away form the New York Knicks for more money, do the Knicks reach out to Matt Barnes? According to sources, reps for Barnes have contacted the Knicks to show their interest. Barnes, the former Knick (a few weeks during the Larry brown era) could fill a hole at the small forward position.Matt Barnes

What He Brings:

With the addition of Shawne Williams (possibility) and Matt Barnes, the absence of Chris Copeland will be less of a blow. Barnes, who is a consistent 3-point threat, is known to be scrappy, rugged and fearless, exactly what the Knicks need. You could probably call him the Kenyon Martin of small forwards. Every team Barnes has been on, his presence has been felt on the court in one way or another.


His career has taken him around the league for the past 9 years. Teams like the Clippers (2 times), Kings, Lakers, Knicks, Philly, Golden State, and the Orlando Magic have had the tattooed filled SF on their roster. He has averaged 7 points and 4 rebounds over his 9-year career. He has shot 33% from downtown, which is not all that impressive, but he seems to hit the big shot when needed.

Could it Work?

Another asset to his game is his slashing ability, especially with the newly acquired Andrea Bargnani on the court; Barnes will have the room to slash to the basket and sky for dunks and layups. His addition would be an underrated addition to this team.

Matt Barnes could most likely be had at a cheap cost. If I were the Knicks brass, I would take a hard, quick look at Matt Barnes. I would then call his agent and sign him up for a 1-year deal at the veteran’s minimum. He could be an incredible asset to this New York Knicks team.

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  • gossimer j.

    Come on back Matt, your second will be much much better than the first.

  • gossimer j.

    Come on back Matt, your second stint will be much much better than the first.