Knicks Free Agent Look In: The Back-Up Point Guard


We all know that Jason Kidd has had a hall of fame career and was one of the best point guards off all-time. We also now know that J-Kidd will not be on this roster and will need to be replaced with younger talent. With the possible exit of Pablo Prigioni and no other point guards on the team, the Knicks will be in the market for a 2nd and 3rd point guard to contribute to this teams aspirations.aaron_brooks

Aaron Brooks: Brooks is the best of the bunch. He did not get much playing time this year and has a team option on him for 2.5 million. Houston is in the D-12 sweepstakes and have Patrick Beverley as their back up right now. Aaron is a strong possibility with the taxpayer mini mid.

Luke Ridnour: Luke is more of a scoring point guard with a silky smooth jumper. Long coveted by New York, Luke is in his last year of a 4.3 million dollar deal. He is valuable to a Wolves team, but they already have Barrea and Rubio locked in to long term deals. Could Camby or Novak get the deal done for them?

Sebastian Telfair: Telfair is cousins of nightmare PG Starbury. He longs for a chance to play in the Big Apple. He has solidified his game as an NBA player, and has become a legit back up point guard at this point in his career. Once known as just a scorer who only can drive to the basket, Sebastian has developed a spot up 3-point shot to keep defenses honest. Not my first choice, but an adequate 3rd point guard to have on the team.

Nate Robinson: Little Nate is not a true point guard. That has been his problem since he entered the league. However, this year he Sebastian_Telfairproved to all, that he can step up and become a leader. Nate has always been a great shooter, and this year he has proven he can run the point as a back up. He is also a spark off the bench that can give any team he is on a instant lift. This is right in the Knicks wheelhouse of needs.

Devin Harris: Devin is coming off a disappointing contract year in which he made 8.5 million dollars. We all know that he will not get that again that is for sure. Once a spark for the Dallas Mavericks, Devin has gone from team to team without capturing the promise he once had in his young career. More of a scoring point guard with a shaky outside shot, Mr. Harris has a chance to become a great role player with a contending team for the right price.

Devin can lead a team as a back-up point guard with limited minutes and a light workload. He can explode to the basket and hit the occasional 3-ball, but the key is not to over work him and to get positive limited minutes from him. These keys will make Devin Harris a contributor to a playoff team and resurrect his career.

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  • Tom Wynne

    NY loved Nate…love to see him back. Please dump JR “the bricklayer” Smith…