Knicks Get Win in Orlando


By Max Marcilla

Knicks 103 Magic 98

In the most Knicks-like way, the Knicks somehow leave Orlando with a win, 103-98 over the Magic.

The first half couldn’t have gone better for the slumping Knicks. The 2013-14 Knicks transformed into the 12-13 Knicks, with great play by Carmelo magic-vs-knicks-580-200Anthony, J.R. Smith and Tyson Chandler.

In the second quarter, the Knicks outscored the Magic 36-14, arguably their best quarter of the season. The quarter was near flawless from start to finish.

New York ended the half up by 24 points, as they were scorching the Magic in every facet of the game. Smith was making his shots, Carmelo Anthony was, well, being Melo, and Tyson Chandler had a throwback game. Chandler started off with an alley-oop connection with Raymond Felton, and continued his superb game with tap-out rebounds.

Anthony hit a buzzer-beater jump shot, and the Knicks walked into the locker room confident after one of the best halves of the year.

But wait, I forgot, they’re the Knicks. They never make it easy.

The second half was a nightmare for the Knicks. By the time were awaken from their malaise it was almost too late.

After briefly extending the lead to 25, the Magic chipped away at the lead reducing it to 20, and then Anthony went down. Gulp!

The injury, classified as a sprained ankle, kept Anthony out for the remainder of the game.

Now, with concern spreading across the Knick team, the collapse began. Orlando slowly began to dominate the game and cut the lead all the way down to one with 8:29 in the fourth.

The Magic never tied the game, or took the lead, but the momentum was on their side all the way.

It wasn’t until late in the fourth quarter when Andrea Bargnani (who believe it or not was a factor in the fourth) made a few tough shots, and Iman Shumpert’s defensive abilities propelled the Knicks in the final minutes.

Beno Udrih hit six consecutive free throws and the Knicks were winners.

Injury Update:

Carmelo Anthony sprained his ankle and Raymond Felton strained his groin in his first game back from his hamstring injury. Stay tuned to Knickswag for updates on the injured Knicks.

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