Knicks Guard J.R. Smith is Ballin’ Like No Other Time in His Career

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J.R. Smith, born and raised in Jersey, attended St. Benedict’s in Jersey City and went pro out of high school. J.R. has had a good career by most standards. However something else burns inside. Like MCA said, “ Like the sound that go’s to the depths of your soul” That sound is basketball in J.R.’s world. He wants more than the money, fame and respect at this point in his 8 years of service in the NBA, J.R. wants to win badly!

J.R. is 27 years young, has reached a point in his career that the corner has been turned? I believe so, how do I know this? If you watch, listen and observe J.R. in games and interviews, you can see he is incredibly focused on and off the court. He barks out plays, motivates teammates, holds others accountable. Yes I know this all sounds crazy, but J.R. is a major part of this Knicks team from here on out (as long as NY re-signs him).

He has become a leader in an odd kind of way. He is still the same old J.R. but his focus and intensity on the court has made him a leader in many ways. He brings it every game, diving for balls, rebounds at a higher clip than most guards in the league and leads the league in the 6th man race with almost 18 per game. With vast help from Coach Mike Woodson, who has taken J.R. on as a side project, Smith has become one of the most important players on this Knicks roster.  His potent scoring coupled with his infinite range has made J.R. a New York star.

The most important factor in J.R.’s recent exquisite play has been his consistent shot selection and his ambition to get the best shot available. This and this alone has elevated his game 100%. Is this a trend that we will see for the future or has J.R. just been in the “zone” the past few weeks? These questions will be answered in the coming weeks as the NBA playoffs are set to begin.


Peter A – Knickswag

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