Knicks Interested in Josh Powell?

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The Knicks might be looking to add some help, but coach Mike Woodson says nothing is happening at the moment. Some names have popped up over the last week and one that I did not hear until today was Josh Powell. Best friend of Chris Bosh and long-time NBA journeyman, Josh Powell has the height and weight to bang down low, but what can he really bring?

Jared Zwerling

The source said that the Knicks should target the 6-9, 240-pound Powell, who’s currently playing for Greek powerhouse, Olympiacos, because the 30-year-old is “still young and strong, and a solid rebounder.” While Sims and Samuels have been blowing up in the D-League this season, they’re both younger and Woodson prefers veterans. That’s why Kenyon Martin was brought in, and he’s added a big boost defensively.

Many names will pop up over the next week or so, but the Knicks certainly will address this issue in the off-season. The veteran approach has backfired on them big time. With 5 0r 6 possible free agents, the Knicks will NEED to think outside the box and add younger veteran minimum contracts. They are also armed with a mini mid level to add to their roster. If they look in the right areas maybe they can find some decent players like Andray Blatche, Ivan Johnson and Dejuan Blair. Furthermore, the Knicks can give an “NBA dreamer” a shot to make the team Ala Chris Copeland. Riley did it in the 90′s with Mason and Starks and they became New York’s heart and soul. For people to say that the Knicks are strapped for the next 3 years is false information. They are in a tough spot cap wise, but they can make some minor moves that will vastly improve their depth. Just because you are limited under the new CBA doesn’t mean they can’t find bargains and get younger at the same time.


Peter A – Knickswag

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  • Fotis Alyfantis

    As a close observer of both New York Knicks and Olympiacos , I can assure you that Josh Powell is a poor defender epecially at the pick&roll situation and too short to guard big guys. His offensive skills are adequate but his morale is also low most of the times.

    • Peter A

      Thanks for the insight.