Knicks Keep Smith Over Tyler? What?

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I am not a stupid, unrealistic Knicks fan. We as Knicks fans are some of the smartest basketball heads in the world. The release of Jeremy Tyler coupled with Chris Smith making the team troubles me and makes me wonder who the heck is making decisions at MSG?

Jeremy Tyler:

In my humbled opinion Jeremy Tyler is a 3-year investment, not a ” you can’t play for me now so I will release you”. He is a young PF who can, if given the right coaching and time, be the starting PF in 3 years when Amar’e is gone. The fact the 7503812Knicks cannot see that, and decide to release him, giving him the opportunity to sign with another team makes no sense in this galaxy or any other galaxy that we know of. Yea, I get the fact that they like him and want him to rehab in the Knicks facility, and will look at signing him again when he is ready, but why wait and take the chance that he might leave for greener pastures.

Jeremy Tyler is a future big. However for some reason the Knicks NEVER think of the future only what can help them NOW. That is the wrong mindset to have that will never lead to long-term success.

Chris Smith:

If you have been following our blog the last year you know that I am not a big fan of Chris Smith. Not that I think he is a bad guy, but I just don’t think he is an NBA player. I like the fact that they kept Toure’ Murry, but to release  2″bigs”, a position that Smith-Knick1they are “thin” at as it is, for Chris Smith,who has not recorded many minutes in the pre-season, cannot be justified at all. I am hoping someone in the media will ask why Smith was kept. I wonder if the Knicks brass and coaching staff can keep a straight face when they answer that one.

Smith has no business on this team. He might have been the worst player in training camp and summer league the past 2 years, but somehow he has made the roster. The Knicks officially have 100 guards on this team and what seems like 2 “bigs”. I am shocked, stunned and worried that the Knicks have no clue what they are doing, but I am trying not to be negative…LOL

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