Knicks Kicking the Tires on Jermaine O’Neal

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Depending on what they have to give up, this would be a solid pick up for NY. Jermaine O’Neal is a veteran who is having a very good year, averaging 7 points and 4.5 rebounds in 16 minutes per game. Jermaine is a 6’11 255 pound PF/C who can give the Knicks the toughness and low post presence they desperately need. His contract runs through this year at 1.3 million, which is very affordable, however the question is what will it take to trade for Jermaine? Why would Phoenix want to make a salary swap for a player that has no future with the Suns? Maybe the contract of Renaldo Balkman and a 2nd round pick will get the deal done.


Peter A – Knickswag

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    This is sounding to too a LONG time Knick fan I had hopes of the Knicks rising to prominence once again, but with these silly talks of moving Shump (an up and coming big time player) or bringing in some more rootie poots and washed players..sounds like Issiah Thomas has found his way back into the Garden. C’mon Knicks..think SMART for change!