Knicks Look to Get Things RIght vs. Bobcats

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Knicks vs. Bobcats: 7:30PM MSG

The New York Knicks will face the Bobcats tonight at MSG. Two days removed from a blowout loss to the Wolves. New York must figure out a way to bring down the number of turnovers they have committed over their first 3 games. Sloppy play and lack of fluidity has been the topic on this site since the season started on October 30th.

Big Line-up Stays?

Sounds like Mike Woodson has decided to stay with the big line-up until further notice, which is a bit troubling to me, but I think if he stays with the “big” line-up it should only be until after the home and home with Bobcats passes and the anticipated match-up with the San Antonio Spurs arrives. That gives this line-up up 3 more games to figure each other out, and if we see no positive signs from these games I would go back to what works for them, the 2 PG line-up.

Is this lineup from last year the answer? I am not sure about that yet. It is too early to make conclusions about the Knicks problems, but it is still something to keep and eye on and to talk about. No offense to the Bobcats, these next 2 games are a chance for the Knicks to get things figured out.  Enjoy the game!

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