Knicks Lose Again, and It Got Ugly!


By Max Marcilla


Knicks 90 Hawks 110

The Knicks lost their fifth straight game at home in an ugly 110-90 loss to the Atlanta Hawks.


The Knicks played okay all game. They had some bright spots and moments, and they also had some struggles. Tonight, once again, even though the ny_u_woodson-melo_mb_300Knicks didn’t necessarily deserve a chance, they did have a chance.

In the fourth quarter, with just over seven minute left, a Carmelo Anthony layup cut the deficit and made the score 88-81 Hawks.

The Knicks had some momentum, as the fans were ready for a comeback, but it never came. Atlanta ended on a 22-9 run, ending a rough game as the Knicks lost big…again.

Who To Blame?

The real question I should be answering is who not to blame.

In my opinion, it all starts with the head coach Mike Woodson. Whether the Knicks should fire the highly criticized coach, I’m not sold yet, but he certainly made some very poor decisions in this game.

J.R. Smith shot 3-18 in this game, and it took Woodson until just over the three-minute mark to take him out. Meanwhile, Tim Hardaway Jr, who plays the same role as J.R. Smith, was 3-7 shooting, with 2-2 on three-pointers. J.R. has been nothing but a big disappointment this year so far, as when he isn’t smoking marijuana or getting fined for tweeting, he has been missing shots like the playoffs last year.

Woodson’s other questionable decision was keeping Amar’e Stoudemire in during the fourth quarter. STAT had finally made back-to-back plays offensively, but still was playing poor on defense. When Woodson made substitutions in the fourth, he opted to keep Stoudemire in to maintain a weaker “big” lineup instead of inserting a Hardaway or a Prigioni. This was a poor decision in my opinion.

In addition to Woodson, Smith, and Stoudemire, Raymond Felton had another horrific game. The Knicks are struggling in getting point guard production. They need a solution very quickly before the season gets away from them. Whether that is Pablo Prigioni, Beno Udrih, Toure Murry, or even Rajon Rondo, the Knicks need to figure it out.

Lastly, the most obvious source of blame is the team as a whole. I’m embarrassed, as everyone on the team (except for Carmelo Anthony, who by the way looks like an MVP again) played with what looked like a lack of motivation.

Peter From Knickswag’s Thoughts:

Ughh!, What can I say. I actually feel as if there is nothing else to say. What I did notice in the final minutes of the game was Carmelo Anthony standing, not sitting, but standing at the end of the bench, thinking, contemplating or in disbelief. Any one of those thoughts is not good for the Knicks if they want to keep Melo around. I truly believe that Mike Woodson’s days are numbered in NY. The hot seat watch is on, as the Knicks are stumbling not answering to Mike Woodson’s pleas to play defense and compete.

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  • Stewart Wilson

    As I recall the last few years the knicks have found a piece during the summer league who turns out to help this squad play well. Seeing as how Felton is obviously struggling and things are progressively getting worst why not try out Tour’e in the starting line up. One major concern is the defense and is that not what we brought him in for because defensively he can harass opposing guards from end line to end line. the knicks need a spark and due to our horrible cap and limited assets making a move proves to be even more attainable. With the knicks in need of a spark who is to say maybe a young line up of bargs melo shump Tim and Murry might not spark something to see a veteran pulled for not showing up atleast the young guys will play hard they have something to prove