Knicks Lose Opening Game of Summer League

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By Max Marcilla

The Knicks showed some promise at times in the first game of their 2013 Summer League campaign, but fell short, 77-72 to the New Orleans Pelicans. However, they played very well at times, and there were a few early standouts.s341-010910WSU_Creighton_fs1.slideshow_main.prod_affiliate.80

Tim Hardaway Jr. had the most pressure on him to succeed, and he had his good moments. Hardaway Jr. finished with 13 points, but had a disappointing end to his day. The first round draft pick of the Knicks scored 10 of his points in the first half, and the other 3 were at the beginning of the third quarter. He disappeared late in the game as an offensive threat, as he took multiple bad three-point shots. He reminded me of an early 2012 J.R. Smith, a player who can make shots and score, but took too many poor shots, causing him to struggle and in the end let his team down.

Shumpert had high expectations offensively as the point guard, attempting to play the “Wade” style PG, but definitely didn’t meet them. Shumpert showed struggles running the offense as a point guard, resulting in 4 turnovers. Not only was he having trouble running the offense, but he also could not score, as he only scored 2 points, and didn’t make a field goal the entire game.

C.J Leslie was an undrafted free agent, who had an up and down game. Leslie played well, except for his shooting, which was one of his knocks, as he finished only 2 of 9 from the field. Leslie is going to be in training camp as a Knick, but he failed to show what he is capable of in the early stages of the summer league. Leslie is a player that has a lot of New York fans excited, but he definitely disappointed in game one.

However, the two best players in a Knick shirt today were Toure Murry and Jeremy Tyler, both showing much promise on their debut in a Knicks uniform.

Murry is a point/combo guard (shown in photo above), exactly what the Knicks need, and he was phenomenal. Murry caught my attention early, jeremytylerpp250and he (unlike Hardaway Jr.) didn’t slow down. Murry finished 4-5 with 11 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists, in a great all-around game. He was the most reliable Knick all game, as he was a +12 in +/- (the best mark) as well as helped the ball move around.

Jeremy Tyler (shown to right) had himself a terrific second half. Tyler scored 10 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, a team high. He looked a little shaky in the first half, but completely dominated the second half. He was one of the few Knicks in the second half that had any offensive rhythm.

Tyler, along with Murry, showed a lot of upside. Knicks fans are definitely excited to see them in action next summer league game on Sunday. The big question is how will the players that are expected to perform, like Shumpert, Leslie and Hardaway Jr., contribute in their next summer league game?

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