Knicks Losing Continues…Lose to Cavs 109-94

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By Max Marcilla


The Knicks have fallen back to ten games under .500, and any shred of hope they had following the Brooklyn and Orlando games are gone.

This game was a disaster for three of the four quarters. The Knicks came out mentally and physically unprepared. The Knicks looked slow out of theurl gate and were bailing out the Cavs by fouling. Several early fouls by key players such as Iman Shumpert and Metta World Peace set New York behind by double digits early.

Opposed to the Boston game, the Knicks finally showed a shred of hope in the second quarter, when they came out firing and playing lockdown defense. The bench unit came through big time, tied the game at 40, as the Knicks walked into the locker room down by just 3.

Then, the third quarter of doom happened again. As Mike Woodson said “The third quarter caught us again.” The Knicks were horrendous for the final 24 minutes of the game, which resulted in the score being as lopsided as it was.

Positive of the Night:

Actually, the only positive of the night was the emergence of Vintage Amar’e Stoudemire. The non-minute-restricted STAT came through big. Stoudemire still cannot rebound or defend at an all-star level, but a pair of blocks and the 15 points (7-10 shooting) made it hard to remember the mistakes he made.

Negative of the Night:

The negative of the night was [insert any Knick here]. This would work as a format for this section. Nonetheless, the worse Knick was J.R. Smith. After winning 6th Man of the Year, Smith stopped performing, and things have only gotten worse. Smith had another atrocious game of hurling up bad shots, missing most of them, and then not doing anything on defense to make up for it. Smith’s final box score 29 minutes, 5-14 shooting, 14 points, with 3 bad turnovers.

Woodson on the Clock?

As the losses become more often and even worse, Coach Mike Woodson’s hot seat is increasingly hotter. With his questionable rotations and substitution methods catching up to the team, it is only a matter of time before James Dolan and Steve Mills have to make a move.

Next Up:

The Knicks play again tomorrow night at home against the Chicago Bulls, at 8:00 P.M.

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