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The first day of training camp is coming in less than 30 days and Mike Woodson will step into the gym and give his first speech to the team for the upcoming season. We believe he should say something in the lines of…

 “Our 2012/13 New York Knicks roster has scorers, pass-first PG’s, a defensive mentality , players with a lot of experience, better re-bounders, championship winners, this is our time, this is our year. Let’s get it done.”

For the fans

What we would like to see this season is the Knicks playing New York style, hard-nosed basketball and show everyone around the world we mean business.

If an opponent chooses to enter the lane, we punish them by blocking their shots or knocking them to the ground. On the perimeter, we need to lock down the opposing guards, resulting in turnovers. Our attitude should be as such: ‘We never lose the battle of the boards at either end of the floor, the lane is OURS, enter at your own risk’. This should be the mantra of this organization from top to bottom.

On offense we must become unselfish even if Woodson wants ISO ball; we must work our tails off to create the space for our teammates to work their magic. We also want to see TRUST in each other and believe our role players can make shots, so if you have to make that extra pass, PASS IT.

For the players

Every game must be played the same way; when you are on the floor you are playing for the greatest city in the world, NEW YORK. You should feel honored to wear that jersey with the New York name printed across it and play every minute of every game like your life depends on it.

A championship is not something that is just given to you; it is something that is earned and the reason it feels so good is because you know how hard you had to work to achieve it. NBA Champion Jason Kidd, should able to explain better than anyone, how hard it is to win a title and this might make a lasting impression on the other players on this team.

Knicks players should not care about statistics or playing time this season; all they should care about is winning every game. The losses should feel like their heart is being ripped out of their chest and it should drive them to never feel that pain again.

This team is strong on paper and good enough to be a contender. Chemistry is the key, so let’s see if this team can extend the season and do some damage.

Leon Jacobsen @JacobsenLeon - Knickswag Contributor


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