Knicks Might Need to Add Some Frontcourt Help

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With the injury bug that has ripped the Knicks these past 2 weeks, the rumors have started on signing some immediate help in the front-court. Here are a few:

Samardo Samuels: Samardo was recently waived by the Cav’s. Some of us remember him torching the Knicks, but overall he a 6’9″ 260 pound PF and has the size the Knicks need to bang down low. He is currently in the D-League averaging a solid 20 points and 10 rebounds.

DJ Mbenga: DJ is a legit “big”. His offensive game is very limited, but he takes up space in the middle and could give you a solid 10 minutes a game. He is currently out of work, but was recently in China until November of 2012 before being waived.

Hassan Whiteside: Hassan is a lanky 7 footer with shot blocking abilities out of Marshall University. He was last on an NBA roster in July of this year for the Sacramento Kings, He was waived and has been in the D-League waiting for another chance to get back to the NBA level. He has been averaging 7 points and 5 rebounds per game.

Jerome Jordan: Jerome was a 2nd round pick that the Knicks acquired in the 2010 draft. He has the size along with a smooth jumper, but his defensive abilities are far below what it needs to be to make it to the NBA level. He has an upside, so if given the chance to work with “big men” coaches, he could possibly be a nice reserve. He is averaging 12 points and 7 rebounds per game in the D-League.

All these players are not experienced enough to help the Knicks now, but maybe for the future, The one “big” I might consider is Samardo Samuels. He has NBA game time experience and has the size and strength to help the Knicks in the paint.

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  • http://knickswag vito

    Knicks better explore this guy samardo samuels,because this guy has some nice STATS

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  • Kqcef

    I really don’t understand why Whiteside hasn’t gotten more attention. 7 feet, great shot blocker, above average rebounder, solid prospect that will only get better, is there something i’m missing? Was the torn tendon in his knee really that devastating of an injury??