Knicks Might Not Make Deal, Feel Like They Can Beat the Heat

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Is it possible that Mike Woodson and the Knicks brass are looking at a different team then we are? The New York Knicks have been playing in a downward spiral the last month or so and where does it end? The Knicks need a reality check and a quick energy infusion to get them to focus on the task at hand, winning the Atlantic. This goal is slipping away, as the Brooklyn Nets are on their doorstep. Marc Berman’s post-game interviews with Coach Mike Woodson are very telling into the Knicks thinking.

The reasons are partly because of their awkward mix of contracts and partly because the franchise feels it can topple the defending-champion Miami Dream Team without a deadline deal. Nevertheless, that sentiment was put to the test last night when they were humiliated out of the All-Star break in a 125-91 horror show against the Pacers.

“We had early success against Miami,’’ coach Mike Woodson said, whose team whipped the Heat twice by 20 points earlier this season. “That’s all well and good. But when you get in a seven-game series, that’s different. Anything can happen. Injuries can occur, guys can lose confidence. But if we’re healthy, yes, we have an opportunity to beat Miami or anybody in the East.’’

On the trade and free agent front, the Knicks are always looking like every other team, but they feel as if they are in good shape roster wise. This is another alarming red flag. The Knicks clearly need some frontcourt, backcourt and all around defensive toughness to have their chance to win the Atlantic and advance in the playoffs. Marc Berman explains some names that the Knicks are monitoring in this piece.

 The roster adjustment could come after the deadline if players get bought out — if big men Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby are deemed unfit to finish the season. Jermaine O’Neal of Phoenix could be a buyout candidate and the Knicks are monitoring Kenyon Martin, already a free agent. The Knicks hope Timofey Mozgov gets bought out, but that’s unlikely. They have no interest in recently released Lou Amundson.

I am not sure what the Knicks are thinking at this point, but Glen Grunwald and his brain trust have made some really good moves, however the injury bug has hit the Knicks and this is something you cannot predict. Stay tuned.


Peter A – Knickswag

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